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Centennial Foodservice is Western Canada's leading seafood, poultry and premium meats foodservice and distribution company. Specializing in Centre of the Plate proteins as well as custom processing, we are your made to order provider of more than 17,500 high quality products. > Read more

Since 1967, we have been providing our customers with premium products and specialty brands, produced at our two processing facilities, and sourced from around the World. We have built our reputation on value added products and global sourcing, as well as dedicated distribution, to meet the needs of our more than 6000 customers.

We operate from 8 distribution centers that service all of Western Canada from Southern Vancouver Island to Northern Saskatchewan. Centennial Foodservice is 100% Canadian owned and operated.


Latest News

"Centennial Foods moving East to GTA" combining the seafood expertise of Centennial Foodservice, Diana’s Seafood Delight, and Ocean Miracle Seafood into one location.
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What Sets Us Apart

Why should Centennial be your first choice as supplier of Center of the Plate? Because we are different than the big box movers, we're specialists and we're the best at supplying you with every protein option you need in this competitive marketplace.
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We're Local. Each of our branches has your butcher in house, ready to make your products to order, the way you want it, every time. Instead your supplier telling you what they have, wouldn't you like to have what you want? Tell us and we'll do it for you.

We cut most of the protein products we sell from fresh ground meats to burgers to premium portion steaks, chops or cutlets. If it's Made At Centennial (MAC) that is our pledge that you will never be disappointed and our guarantee of the best quality.

We source the world to find the best products for our customers. Whether it's lamb, seafood, pork or value added products, we have a team dedicated to searching out new and innovative products for you.

We are the exclusive supplier for premium AAA Sterling Silver beef, Sterling Silver Pork, Ovation fresh lamb from New Zealand, Sovereign lamb from Australia. Fresh meat prices change weekly and with the seasons, but your menu cost doesn't have to. Talk to your rep about getting One Price For the Year for your Sterling Silver, AA or AAA beef. You will get properly aged fresh beef and pay the same price all year. That's what we call being a partner to our customers and providing a service to help you manage your costs.

We offer the largest variety of Premium Seafood to our customers, brought by air from both coasts to your local Centennial branch. We provide all the west coast Salmon species, Halibut, Snapper, Ling cod, Pacific Cod, Sable Fish as well as clams mussles and oysters. From the East coast we bring in a vast array of more exotic species like Marlin, Swordfish, Monkfish, catfish and a host of warm water as well as European fish. Our list of fresh offerings changes weekly with the seasons and availability so you can always offer something new and exciting on your menu.

Only Centennial has C2C brand premium seafood. C2C sources and custom processes the finest seafood, including world famous Johnstone Strait Sockeye, BC Wild Albacore Tuna and Queen Charlotte Halibut. If it's from C2C, you know it be the best.

Some fish is only fresh for the fishing season like Salmon and Halibut. Talk to your rep about putting away some frozen Inventory on contract to make sure you get the same quality of fish you had during the summer at one price for the winter season. And always look for our Sustainably Harvested, Frozen-at-Sea seafood for the highest nutrient value and freshness.


Our History

Centennial was originally founded in 1967 by Harry Ogolnik of Montreal-based Dominion Provisioners, for his freezer beef program. It was then acquired by the Kovitz and Kalef families in 1972, who expanded it into a branch network and also into slaughter and cattle feeding, under the company name Centennial. > Read more

In the 1990's, Centennial restructured into two business divisions: foodservice and manufacturing. It was at that time that Centennial began to really make a name for itself as a leader in private label burger patty manufacturing. Regarded across North American for its innovation, Centennial grew to be the premier protein focused foodservice distribution company in Western Canada.

In 2000, we took on a new partner, the Saskatchewan Government, and, built a state of the art patty plant in Saskatoon. As the foodservice side of the company continued to grow at a fast pace, in 2005, we restructured the two divisions into Centennial Foodservice and New Food Classics, then sold New Food Classics to EdgeStone Capital in 2006.

Centennial Foodservice was then acquired by Premium Brands Holdings Ltd in 2007. As part of Premium Brand's highly profitable, Canadian-based, publicly traded family of companies, Centennial was able to further expand its footprint, and acquired Vancouver Island's B&C Foods in 2008.

Centennial Foodservice has continued to grow and thrive as the leading foodservice and distribution company in Western Canada. In 2013, we further expanded our capabilities with the acquisition of Vancouver's Harbour Marine wild albacore tuna line and the founding of Centennial's C2C Premium Seafood company, complete with its own specialized processing facility.

We now operate eight branches complete with two new processing facilities and on-site numerous butcher shops at each branch. We work with numerous affiliate companies that also enhance our capabilities to distribute across all of Western Canada and to select customers in the U.S.A. and Asia.

With more than 17, 500 products including more than 3000 custom processed items, we serve more than 6000 customers from Sooke to Saskatoon and everywhere in between.


Our Renowned Brands

Centennial is known for sourcing and producing the highest quality products for our customers. Some of our most popular, renowned brands include:


Key Affiliates

Centennial Foodservice works closely with a number of affiliate companies, including:

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