Nautical News
September 25, 2020

Farmed Salmon
Atlantics: Supply moderate (scheduled to improve), pricing increased.
Steelhead/Trout: Good supply on large Steelhead. There is a good supply on both sizes of trout.

Farmed Arctic Char
Arctic Char: OW. Great year round fresh fish. Available whole, in portions, or fillets.

Wild Salmon:
Springs – We have transitioned from fresh to our premium frozen program.
Sockeye – We have transitioned to Previously Frozen only at this time.
Coho – Fresh season closed Wednesday – we will transition to our premium frozen program once depleted.
Chum – Call C2C for availability.
Pinks – We have transitioned from fresh to our premium frozen program.

BC Wild Pacific Halibut Season had adequate supply. Price stable.

Oysters : Good supply. Large beach in short supply. Diana’s shipments have resumed.
Mussels : Good supply on East / West Coast.
Clams/Sea Urchin: Clams are stable. Sea Urchin - Check with C2C for availability.

Steady supply. Price steady.

Iceland Groundfish
Cod/Redfish: Good supply.

Philippines : Mahi Mahi - temporarily discontinued
Artesmar Ahi Tuna – supply to resume into Richmond starting Monday. PRODUCT MUST BE PREBOOKED. NO FLIGHTS NEXT WEEK – PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE.
New Zealand : Supply is good on most species. Pricing stable. Combine a variety of species in our own unique Ike Jime pack available thru C2C.

Supply is good.

Spot Prawns
Season officially closed July 17, 2020.

Albacore Tuna
West Coast(OW): West Coast Albacore 2020 season will be opening in the next few weeks.
C2C has a great supply of West Coast Albacore to last until the opening of the next season.
Imported: Imported Albacore available.

Nautical News
September 25, 2020
East Coast

Eastern Canada
Oysters: Good supply.
Clams: Littleneck Cherrystone and Pasta Clams are all in good supply. Pasta Clam prices have steadied.
Live Lobster : Short supply, pricing very high.
Lake Fish : Good supply.
Smelts: Chilean smelt season is in full swing. Arrival into Maximum on Thursdays and Sundays.
Mussels: Good supply on mussels. Arriving at Maximum on Wednesday and Sunday.

Ocean Perch
Perch: Good supply.

South America
Swordfish : South America not available. Great Canadian product in stock with all-time low pricing.
Mahi Mahi : Product arrives Monday/Thursday to Maximum. VERY SPORADIC. Pricing increased significantly.
Chilean Salmon : Supply Monday / Thursday into Maximum. Price stable.
Chilean/Icelandic/Norwegian Steelhead : Good supply on all.
Tilapia: Good supply.

Snappers (B-Liners) : Very limited supply next week - Thursday and Sunday arrival to Maximum.
Kingfish : None available.
Red/Black/Yellow Edge Grouper : Limited supply.
Amberjacks / Golden Tilefish : Limited supply.
Blue crab (live) : New season has opened. With cooler temperatures, product is available to ship.
Catfish: No catfish. Tuesday arrival into Maximum.

Cod/Haddock/Golden Redfish/Arctic Char/Grey Sole/Turbot: There is a good supply on all Icelandic fish, with decreased pricing.

Skate Wing : Minimal supply.
Monkfish : No supply.
Mackerel : Atlantic season has now open. Spanish is in limited supply. Pricing high. No product available.
Squid : No supply on squid next week.
Scallops: There is a good supply.


(Auction - special request)

No supply next week - Wednesday arrival into Maximum. Sea Bass pricing has increased and Sea Bream from Greece have been plentiful with increased pricing.

No supply.

Get a copy of the Seafood Update PDF here, to print off.