Welcome to B&C Foods

B&C Foods joined Centennial in 2008, as one of Centennial's largest plants, we proudly operate Monday to Saturday from a 30,000 sq.ft facility complete with separate seafood, beef/pork, and poultry processing facilities.

We operate three separate butcher shops within our local warehouse, red meat, poultry and seafood. Our 35 meat cutters, filleters and processing team can custom cut to order for our customers on a daily basis. With our new Ryco PINBONER, we are able to custom process seafood products at an even larger volume and speed. Our Formax patty machine gives us the option to produce fresh and frozen burgers using proprietary customer recipes. Ground beef is produced daily to order to maximize freshness and shelf life. Seafood is sourced locally every day to ensure our customers get the freshest seafood we can provide. We also bring in exotic seafood by air each week so our customers can expand their menu offerings. Our R&D team is always working on new and innovative products to bring to the marketplace and add value for our customers.

Our fleet of 20 B&C trucks is recognized for reliably servicing Greater Victoria and all of Vancouver Island, delivering up to 6 days per week. Some of most popular items include well aged beef under the Sterling Silver, Aspen Natural and AAA brands. Fresh salmon, halibut and ground fish from local waters, local fresh shrimp, scallops, shellfish, and fresh poultry sourced locally from the island and the lower mainland. We support locally sourced products of all kinds.

Our success relies on the relationship of trust with our customers as well as our suppliers.

Our name is synonymous with quality, dependability and service second to none. We service both food service and retail grocery/deli customers and are proud to support our island community where we work and live.